Sensorial innovation

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Cough, Cold, and Flu 


We are interested in innovative formats, providing better sensorial features (taste, smell, mouth feel), preferably from natural and clean sources, for our OTC drugs, medical devices and food supplements.


We are constantly looking for innovation to further improve our cough therapeutic area portfolio. Consumers are interested in new formats with galenic and sensory properties which are more appealing than in the past.

Key Success Criteria

A strong differentiation versus existing solutions. The ideas should be based on unmet consumer needs and have to be supported by robust science being in line with the highest pharmaceutical quality standards.

Target Group

Adults and Children

Approaches not of interest

Out of scope are solutions that

  • lack a sound scientific rationale and support
  • have little differentiation
  • have only benefits that cannot be clearly communicated to consumers
  • Are not sustainable and do not meet our product quality standards
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