Terms and Conditions

I understand that the information being disclosed will be reviewed and evaluated independently on behalf of Sanofi by yet2. Upon submission, yet2 will issue a reference number unique to the submission only, and each separate submission will require a new reference number.

  • I am submitting information with the express intention that it imposes no confidentiality obligations on yet2 or Sanofi. Furthermore, my submission does not breach any confidentiality obligations that I owe to others.
  • I understand that any personal data included in the information being disclosed will be processed as described in the privacy policy available on this page, and I commit to not sharing any unnecessary personal data about myself or others.
  • There is no legal reason why I cannot submit information. I am not underage or otherwise legally incompetent.
  • I am relying solely on my own intellectual property (IP) rights to protect the contents of my submission. By submitting I am not granting, other than for the purpose of evaluation, any rights in relation to any patent, copyright or design. I am not relying upon yet2 or Sanofi in any way for legal advice, including (but not limited to) whether the contents of my submission can be protected under IP law.
  • I recognize that Sanofi may already be independently working on the same technology as covered by my submission. I agree that no contractual obligation or working relationship is being created between myself and Sanofi by submitting this information.
  • If the submission is of interest, I may be required to sign a further Agreement with Sanofi so that any confidential information, that is subsequently shared, is protected.
  • Personal health questions must be discussed with healthcare professionals.
  • User comments are monitored for potential Adverse Event reporting and users may be contacted for follow up.
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