Smart Packaging for Enhanced Consumer Experience

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We are seeking innovative smart packaging solutions that can create engaging, personalized experiences for consumers throughout the product lifecycle. Beyond enhancing supply chain traceability, we aim to leverage cutting-edge technologies to form connections between our products and the people who use them and develop "beyond the pill" experiences.


We are interested in smart packaging to deliver rich, consumer-centric experiences beyond supply chain tracking. Features could include access to comprehensive product information and educational content, or methods to improve treatment adherence, tracking of medication intake, and, importantly, overall consumer satisfaction.

Our objective is to identify the smart packaging technologies of the future, including emerging ones.

Key Success Criteria

Must-have Requirements

  • Innovative smart packaging technologies (i.e. RFID, NFC, and all other emerging technologies) to deliver value-added experiences
  • Scalable and cost-effective solutions for across our product portfolio
  • Compliance with regulation and industry standards

Preferred Requirements

  • Integration with existing supply chain infrastructure
  • Proposed deployment strategy

Approaches not of interest

Solutions that solely focus on existing well-established technologies (i.e. QR codes)

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