Natural sources of vitamins and minerals

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Physical/Mental Wellness 


We are seeking new natural sources of vitamins and minerals to support innovation opportunities in the physical and mental wellness space. We want to understand current and emerging landscape of new natural sources of vitamins and minerals, including but not restricted to the use of fermentation (e.g. yeast, lactic acid bacteria), green biotechnology (e.g. microalgae), or valorization of fruit and vegetable side streams. This project is designed to help the Sanofi team better understand the next generation of VMS products and identify opportunities to improve daily lives for consumers.


Micronutrients like vitamins and minerals are crucial for our bodies' growth and function, playing numerous roles across various organs. Consumers seek clean, simple, and eco-friendly ingredients that prioritize planetary health alongside personal well-being. Our company offers an array of products promoting physical and mental wellness across multiple brands. We aim to develop new natural vitamin and mineral solutions within these brands.

Key Success Criteria

Must-have requirements

Preservation of natural resources of the planet

Green biotechnology with low environmental impact

Preferred Requirements

Blend of vitamins and minerals

Non-novel food

Target Group

Adults and children without specific diseases

Approaches not of interest

Highly processed and purified vitamins and minerals

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