Constipation Selfcare Empowerment

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Digestive Wellness 


We are looking for breakthrough consumer-focused solutions for empowering constipation sufferers to take better care of their digestive health. This could include innovative product formats, new ingredients (either drug or dietary supplements), or consumer services. Solutions that allow us to help address key barriers to treatment (fear of habituation, concerns about side effects, or belief that symptoms aren’t bad enough) are of high interest.


We are a global leader in the laxative category and are growing above the market thanks to strong brand love. We have a large population of consumers to serve, with 1/3rd of the global population suffering from constipation and 3/4th of those being frequent sufferers. However, we also know that half of those suffering from constipation do not treat with a laxative, instead relying on lifestyle/diet or mis-using fiber to treat rather than prevent. We also know that the consumers who do treat with a laxative, almost half of them only treat as a last resort which extends their time spent suffering.

Key Success Criteria

Must-have Requirements

  • Strong scientific rationale that, if not suitable for global use, is at least acceptable in key markets (US and Germany)
  • Addresses the consumer needs detailed above in a differentiated way
  • Clear and easily communicable consumer benefit
  • If product-based solution, viable sourcing strategy

Preferred Requirements

  • Consider Sanofi's sustainability initiatives for any tangible solutions
  • Costs in-line with current brand offerings

Approaches not of interest

  • Surgical interventions
  • Solutions not viable for OTC or Dietary Supplement settings
  • Approaches focused on lifestyle modifications
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