Disruptive Beyond The Pill Solutions To Relieve Pain

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Pain Care 


We are looking for beyond the pill solutions to relieve pain (such as headache, migraine, dysmenorrhea, osteo-arthritis, etc.) supported by certification/CE mark (in EU) and clinical data.


Sanofi Consumer Healthcare is a main player in pain care, offering a variety of products worldwide. We would like to offer our consumers a complementary approach to relieve pain, that is easy to use and supported by clinical data.

Key Success Criteria

Must-have requirements

  • Pain relief claim
  • CE mark (according to MDR in EU)/certified in other regions
  • Robust science (evidence of efficacy & safety)
  • Innovative device and technology

Preferred Requirements

  • Quality of Life improvement claims

Approaches not of interest

Out of scope solutions include:

  • Wellness devices
  • TENS technologies
  • Heating patches/creams
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