Breakthrough Solutions for Allergy Prevention, Diagnosis And Self Treatment

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We are looking for breakthrough, clinically proven consumer healthcare solutions for the prevention, self-diagnosis, and treatment of allergic conditions. This includes innovative formats, drug delivery systems, APIs, devices, and consumer services/experiences.


Sanofi Consumer Healthcare is a main player in effective solutions for allergy relief, so that consumers can live their best lives.

As a market leader we continuously invest in research and engage in collaborations to develop innovative solutions to improve the life of our consumers.

Key Success Criteria

Must-have Requirements

  • A strong differentiation versus existing solutions with a distinct benefit or unmet consumer need that is clearly communicable. Proposals should be supported by robust science (evidence of efficacy & safety) and early-stage developments should have a proof-of-concept.
  • Any technology or device used must have sound scientific rationale and a viable prototype.

Preferred Requirements

  • Cost plays a major role in the over-the-counter space and often is a limiting factor; solutions need to be in an acceptable cost range for the consumer.
  • Proposed path to market recommendations.

Approaches not of interest

Out of scope are solutions that:

  • fall outside the Over-the-counter (OTC) setting and require doctor's supervision/support.
  • are not sustainable and do not meet our product quality standards.
  • have only benefits that cannot be clearly communicated to consumers in an OTC environment.
  • contain oral probiotics without clinical data to support a clear allergy claim.
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