Nighttime Cough Management

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Cough, Cold, and Flu 


We are interested in innovative approaches that can work holistically to offer relief from nighttime cough and help to improve sleep. This includes technologies for self-assessment and/or monitoring, innovative APIs and ingredients, new formats, or other (digital) health solutions for self-management that effectively help people suffering from nocturnal cough.


We are a global leader in the Cough category, offering powerful relief with memorable brand identities. We continuously invest in research and engage in collaborations to develop innovative solutions to improve the lives of our consumers.

Coughing can become quite bothersome especially when it occurs at night, and consumers are becoming more interested in solutions beyond the pill.

Key Success Criteria

Must-have Requirements

A strong differentiation versus existing treatment options with a distinct benefit for quality of life and/or unmet consumer need that is clearly communicable. Proposals should be supported by robust science (evidence of efficacy & safety), and early-stage developments should have proof-of-concept.

Approaches not of interest

Out of scope are solutions that

  • lack scientific rationale and support
  • offer less differentiation than others on market
  • have benefits that cannot be clearly communicated to consumers
  • Are not sustainable and do not meet our product quality standards
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