Nighttime Pain Relief

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Pain Care 


We are seeking innovative solutions that can provide effective pain relief combined with sleep support. This includes novel active ingredients, formulations, drug delivery systems, or other solutions beyond the pill that can effectively manage pain while promoting restful sleep throughout the night.


As a leading consumer healthcare company, we understand that pain can significantly impact an individual's ability to sleep. Many consumers struggle to find relief from nighttime pain, which can lead to disrupted sleep patterns and fatigue the following day.

We are interested in solutions that can offer long-lasting pain relief, helping consumers fall asleep and effectively managing pain throughout the night for fully restorative sleep.

Key Success Criteria

Must-have requirements

  • Efficacy claims for nighttime pain relief
  • Clear differentiation from existing solutions
  • Robust scientific rationale (evidence of efficacy & safety) and proof-of-concept for early-stage developments
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