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We are looking for innovative natural and sustainable solutions produced by green biotechnology to support our brands in different health spaces (e.g. digestive, metabolic, allergy, immunity, cognition).


We are fascinated by the capacity of living organisms to adapt to all conditions on earth, but climatic and environmental factors are creating major sourcing challenges. When nature meets science, we believe that green biotechnology, through microorganism cultivation (e.g. microalgae, microorganisms, mushrooms) or plant cell culture in bioreactors, will allow delivery of high quality and safe natural ingredients. This will allow us to access diverse natural bioactives to target the key biological pathways involved in digestive, metabolic, immune, or brain health.

Key Success Criteria

Must-have Requirements

  • Green technology without chemical transformation
  • Micro-organism fermentation or plant cell culture
  • Standardized ingredients in specific bioactive
  • TRL 6 or higher

Preferred Requirements

  • Authorized ingredients in EU & US or feasibility assessment of registration in these regions and other regions (Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, China)
  • Targeted health benefits: digestive, immunity, metabolic, cardiovascular, brain/cognition, energy/vitality, joint, women health
  • First preclinical or clinical evidence supporting the health benefits or biological mechanism of actions

Approaches not of interest

Chemical synthesis or extraction

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