Sustainable sources of botanicals

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Physical/Mental Wellness 


We are seeking sustainable sources of botanicals, from the farm to table to support innovation opportunities in the physical and mental wellness space.


To support our efforts in becoming a Certified B Corporation Sanofi Consumer Healthcare needs to identify sustainable sources of botanicals used in our product lines produced through sustainable farming practices such as regenerative agriculture. There are key botanicals today that are in danger because of not following these practices. This not only affects supply chain but also biological activity of the botanical due to geographic variations in farming practices, seasonal variability, etc.

Key Success Criteria

Must-have requirements

Botanicals must be sustainably sourced

Supply chain traceability

Preferred Requirements

Authorized botanicals in food supplements in at least EU, US, Turkey, Vietnam and if possible in Mexico, Brazil, Korea, and Australia (at least regulatory assessment in these countries).

Health benefit spaces: mood & cognition, stress/anxiety, sleep, women health, energy/vitality, joint health.

Standardized extract in specific bioactives supporting health benefits.

Target Group

Adults and children

Approaches not of interest


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