Microbiome to restore nasal mucosa

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We are seeking a solution containing bacteria or mix of bacteria (live or heat-killed) able to restore nasal microbiota/nasal mucosa.

The solution needs to be a topical solution for the nose that needs to be applied and to act locally.

Good tolerability & good palatability characteristics needed.

The benefit expected for consumers is to have something specific, targeting secondary symptoms such as irritation or burning sensation.


Science around microbiota is emerging highlighting the benefit to maintain healthy microbiota located in gut, nose, skin for better diseases fighting, protection & better drug efficacy.

Consumers are looking more for natural products and are taking more care on their own microbiota understanding the link with good health.

Sanofi Consumer Healthcare is looking for a breakthrough innovation that can disrupt the OTC market and gain differentiation vs. competition by proposing something natural, innovative and helping them to relieve secondary symptoms such as burning sensation/irritation.

Key Success Criteria

Must-have requirements

Data (clinical or preclinical data) supporting the proof of concept/mode of action: restore/maintain nasal microbiota /protect sooth nasal mucosa

Complete Strain characterization (e.g. genomic sequence – stability)

Target Group


Approaches not of interest

Food supplement – oral probiotics

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